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Our Processes

The iMap Process

The iMap Process is designed to get to the heart of what your organization needs and develop custom solutions, based around the Dale Carnegie Training methods, for those needs. We follow a five step process as follows:

Your organization's strategic vision - the 'should be' as opposed to the 'as is'.

A strategic conversation with you to understand where the operation is today, where you want to take it, and what needs to change to get there.

Through assessments, surveys, and a unique BID process, we'll determine the alignment around your vision, competency gaps that need to be closed, and attitudes that are undermining change.

Design interventions that support your strategic intent, provide measurable results, map directly to the competencies needed to power the strategic intent, blend competency development with attitudinal change, and align emotional intelligence with corporate initiatives.

Ingrain long-term behaviour change and gain emotional and intellectual engagement with corporate objectives.

The Competency Based Development System

The Competency Based Development System consists of unique modular programs designed to focus on areas that are important to the success of your organization. The system was created to reinforce organizational competencies and address performance gaps while giving you the ability to apply what you have learned in your own work environment.

Competency Areas
  • adaptability
  • attitude
  • change management
  • communication
  • conflict resolution
  • creativity
  • customer acquisition
  • customer experience
  • decision making
  • diversity
  • external awareness
  • human relations
  • influence
  • initiative
  • interpersonal skills
  • leadership
  • professionalism
  • results-orientation
  • stress management
  • teamwork
  • values & vision


We provide a variety of assessment options that aid in uncovering and clarifying organization, performance, and competency gaps. You can see overviews and samples of the various assessment tools that Dale Carnegie can offer to you, your teams, and your organization.


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