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Are your ideal employees dependable?

by Mike Reardon

June 12, 2017


Success, in other words, even becoming an all-time great like Brady, "is not all about talent," says Belichick. "It's about dependability, consistency, being coachable, and understanding what you need to do to improve."


Tom Brady is the quarterback of NFL's New England Patriots team. He is considered one of the greatest quarterback of all time, with five Super Bowl titles. Bill Belichick is the coach of the same team. He is considered to be the best coach in the history of the NFL. The evil genius of the league. No where else in sports is there a man so meticulously well-prepared, so flawless in his execution, and so adept in his innovation


So what are the top qualities of an ideally dependable and more employee?

Evidence state between ten (10) to twenty (20).


Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty. Your employees should know that if they do the job they were hired to do with a reasonable amount of competence and efficiency, you will support them. - Harvey Mackay


Why do ideal employees leave?

There are many reasons according to the evidence but the # 1 reason remains the same.


“It all came down to employee engagement. It all came down to recognition. It all came down to leadership, which led to every sailor feeling ownership and accountability for the results. You can ask a team to accomplish a mission but you can’t order excellence.” –Mike Abrashoff, Commander USS Benfold (retired)


Where immediate supervisor or manager account for 70% variance of employee engagement.


Why do ideal employees stay?

Evidence outlines ‘importance of people’ in work environment as why they stay beginning with:

  • Purpose, where work is interesting, challenging

  • Expanding abilities, where a variety of skills must be employed

  • Autonomy, where work results are at the discretion of employees

“Research indicates that workers have three prime needs: Interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company.” –Zig Ziglar


Managers within this environment must:

  • Regularly recognize and respect

  • Build relationships, morale and accountability

  • Openly communicate vision and state of organization


Why care about ideal & happy employees?

Double your profits!


Evidence notes it improves employee value; attracts other ideal employees; reduces attrition rates (by minimum 15%); boost productivity (just 2% =100% ROI); enhance operational efficiency; exceed industry standards; increase sales (on average 45%); expand market share; improve customer satisfaction;


And how to you keep them happy and focused? Expand their abilities!


Trained Employees = Ideal, Happy, Dependable and More.

“In essence, learning and development is at the core of what high impact performing organizations do.” –Todd Tauber, VP, Deloitte


The best training program starts from the top. It is define by business-outcome agenda from strategy alignment through to specifics results to be achieved.


The five (5) drivers for success of any of Dale Carnegie’s training programs is to:

  • Build Greater Self-Confidence

  • Strengthen People Skills

  • Enhance Communication Skills

  • Develop Leadership Skills

  • Reduce Stress and Improve our Attitude

“To build a culture of engagement it is important to incorporate training on intrinsic motivation and employee engagement into management development programs.” –Kenneth Thomas


The best training program keeps score regularly.


Decision Making

“What’s worse than training your workers and losing them? Not training them and keeping them.”—Zig Ziglar


The best training decision are the ones which align learning and development to expected business-outcomes.


Best decision making is done in a structured and timely manner (see Bain Consulting), for instance:

  1. Criteria – Dale Carnegie trains the qualities of ideal employees; for why they stay; for helping managers keep them

  2. Facts – Dale Carnegie has done so for 100+ years while updating, refining and improving its approach on an international scope

  3. Alternatives – Dale Carnegie is the only alternative with ISO certification (for both its content and trainers) and re-certify every year.

  4. Commitment – Dale Carnegie is committed to your success or your expected business outcome given its top 20 international recognition, iSAM process and more.

  5. Closure – Dale Carnegie is your choice inclusive of in-the-moment coaching training techniques, cycle of improvement methods and more

Your employee will as a result know what, how and why to do a given task.


“Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.” — General George S. Patton


What are you waiting for, decide on which programs that you will be contacting us about, right? 



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