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As a global thought leader in workplace training and development, Dale Carnegie Training produces Guidebooks that provide you with useful tips to be more effective in your workplace.


PDF_IconDale Carnegie's Secrets of Success

Dale Carnegie's book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ is the most influential business book of the twentieth century. Download a free copy of his principles and learn why! These are the same key principles we expand on when providing training and consulting services for professionals and companies of all sizes and all business segments worldwide.

PDF_IconA Guide to Speaking Effectively

This presentation booklet reveals tips and success stories that Mr. Dale Carnegie discovered and compiled throughout his career. Download your copy to learn his secrets – and learn to speak more effectively!

PDF_IconSales Effectiveness: A Guide to Overcoming Objections

Overcoming objections effectively is a process that involves careful listening and positive responses to your buyer’s concerns. Their objections are often emotional, not rational, so it’s up to you recognize their emotional needs and guide them past the obstacles preventing them from buying. This builds long-term relationships - and leads to sales success.

PDF_IconOutstanding Customer Service Guide

Learn how you can apply Dale Carnegie’s principles in the context of customer service. Start delivering world-class customer service today!

PDF_IconLeadership Coaching Guide

Your organization’s performance improves when your employee’s performance improves. You can help your employees improve by being their coach! Today's leaders need to develop skills that motivate their teams to excel - and key among these skills is coaching.

PDF_IconPreparing for Interviews

Preparing for job interviews can be both exciting and a little scary! Whether you are a graduating senior, or you have been working for a while but are getting ready for your next move, Interviewing 101: How to Make Them Love You and Pay You Too, has the tips you need to help you land your ideal job!

PDF_IconConflict Resolution Guide

Over the years, how many times have you witnessed simple conflicts lead to serious issues? When workplace conflicts are not handled properly they can be detrimental to morale and business results. By working through this guidebook, we will help you reflect on your current approach to handling conflicts. You will identify areas where you can improve, and learn practical strategies for resolving and reducing internal conflicts.

PDF_IconSuccessfully Achieving Engagement

Companies whose employees are engaged can outperform their competition by up to 200%! But, what does it really mean to successfully achieve engagement…

PDF_IconASTD Study: Employee Engagement

Sponsored by Dale Carnegie Training, the American Society for Training & Development commissioned the Institute for Corporate Productivity to conduct research on employee engagement. The goal was to gain an overview of engagement in today’s workplace and to find out how organizations can boost engagement levels, with a particular focus on education’s role in the process.


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