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Sample Solution Sets

Optimal results can be achieved using a comprehensive approach that includes initial assessments, possible training programs or configurable training modules and post-training measurements.
Below is a sample Solution Set that outlines the process. For more information on how we can help you develop the appropriate Solution Set for your team, please contact a Dale Carnegie Solutions expert.

Initial Assessments

Through the iMAP engagement process, you have access to a variety of assessment options that will help to uncover and clarify gaps in organization, performance, and competency. To see overviews and samples of the various options we can offer to you, your team, and your organization, please click here.

Development Opportunities

Complete Training Programs
Your company may not necessarily require a customized solution. Private, in-house classes can be arranged based on your organizational needs. Below is a sampling of the type of programs you may access.
  • Dale Carnegie Course: Effective Communications & Human Relations/Skills For Success
  • Sales Advantage
  • Leadership Training for Managers
  • High Impact Presentation
  • How to Communicate with Diplomacy & Tact
  • Confident, Assertive & in Charge: Developing the Attitudes of Leadership
  • How to Win Friends & Influence People in Business
  • Strictly Business: The Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar
  • How to Sell Like a Pro
Configurable Training Modules
  • Coaching: Supportive and Directive Approaches
  • Conflict Management
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Dealing with Difficult Team Members
  • Delegation
  • Ending a Successful Team
  • Establishing an Effective Team
  • Handling Mistakes
  • Innovation
Self-Directed Learning
  • Read relevant leadership books - (review a recommended book list)
  • Review organization goals with senior managers
  • Review career goals with manager
  • Observe a successful manager in the organization
  • Observe a successful manager in another organization
  • Engage team members in innovation and decision making efforts

Measure Results

  • Post development assessment
  • Job related project completion
  • Measure completion of job requirements
  • Measure impact of production on organization goals

Curriculum Areas

The competencies taught through our iMAP process are delivered through six different curriculum areas. Select your area of interest below to learn more.
Team Member Engagement Leadership Development Sales
Presentation Effectiveness Process

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